Longboard Tech Spec

Biaxiale Carbon Kevlar VTR

100% made with a proprietary tricomposite (kevlar + carbon + fiber) "infuture" infusion technology used for top yachts & car racing components.

Restore Elasticity

Thanks to the material's quality, N2R longboard restores a good elasticity.

DIAB Core Torsion

We have been working for 15 years testing and developing top yachts hulls and car racing parts. “Infuture" proprietary process joint with DIAB core, makes our boards a unique product not comparable to others. =+40% Torsion Strengths

No Micro Fractures

Built to be indestructible our decks are 40% stronger compared to fiberglass ones and 70% stronger than the plywood ones. Maintains performance along time.

3 Years Warranty 

Our decks are 40% more resistant for structural breaking that ones in GRP (Fiber Glass) and 70% more than the ones in wood. All details are made to guarantee the perfection and an extremely low use consumption with an impressive shock resistance. This board is "built for life " and don't suffer small core deformations or trauma, thus we offer a 3 Years Warranty on structural breaking.

Water Resistant

May stay in the water for two days without damages.

Lighter Than Averge

Easy to carry on with you because the urban version is 25% lighter than standard longboards. Feel it ! Our urban board weights 1,6 kg whilst a standard weights for a 37' is approximately 2kg+. Carry it with you everywhere.

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Our “Infuture" proprietary technology gives us the opportunity to set a new paradigma for the decks already applied by us to other fields such as powerboats and car racing components. Our tricomposite technology with kevlar+carbon+fiber works thanks to our special “Infuture" vacuum infusion system, not reproducible. more info at : www.infuture.it.

Our biaxial technologies are developed in collaboration with DIAB, the greatest core production company in the eu, after a 15 year of research and development. This is the reason why you can use our decks in any situation and load it as much as you want: they are made with high performance sandwich core recyclable material.